It's a tough roof to crack

Fibremat is the reinforcement layer, adding tensile strength and preventing cracks and fractures from forming. This added strength helps Fibrecoat withstand the stresses of changing weather conditions, foot traffic and other external factors.

Enhanced Strength

Fibremat is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. When added to the Fibrecoat system, it significantly enhances the overall structural integrity and durability of the roof.

Easy to Apply

Unlike polyester-based reinforcements, Fibremat can be easily formed around pipes, drains and other tricky areas by simply tearing the glass and moulding round the object.

Foot Traffic Friendly

The 150gm Fibremat reinforcement makes a roof or balcony incredibly durable and can withstand foot traffic, roof furniture, and solar panels. It's the perfect base for green roofing.

Time to bring in the reinforcements

Fibremat is available to purchase in a range of different roll sizes or as part of our Fibrecoat kits which contain the complete system including the Resin and Primers.

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25 Metre Roll

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10 Metre Roll

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Fibremat Tape

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