What's in the box?

Our kits comprise Fibrecoat's core system components, including surface primers, resins and fibreglass reinforcement with optional extras such as application tools and sealers.

Core components

Surface primers

Primers allow the Fibrecoat system to be bonded to a wide range of surfaces. The kit will contain the correct primers for the substrate you have chosen.

Resin system

The resin system comes in either a dark grey or light grey finish with custom colours available on request.

Fibremat reinforcement

Fibremat reinforcement is sandwiched between the two resin layers, giving Fibrecoat its strength and durability.

Optional extras


Our high-quality Fibretrim roofing profiles are designed to provide a neat and discreet finish for your Fibrecoat roof.

Green Roofing

Easy to install, pre-grown green roofing gRoof modules make having a living roof quick, easy and affordable.


Our kits can come with all the tools you need including rollers, buckets and brushes. These can be ordered with the kits or added individually as required.


Sharkseal is our own sealer that works seamlessly with Fibrecoat to seal cracks and joints along with bonding our range of fibreglass roofing trims.

Fibremat tape

Our 150gm Fibremat reinforcement tape is perfect for applying to roof joints and seams before the main system.


Peace of mind inside every kit

Along with the materials the kit also comes with our expert technical support to help you with your project from start to finish. Once the project has been completed you can apply for one of our Basecare guarantees.

Technical support

From the initial planning stages to the final application of Fibrecoat, our technical team offers comprehensive support, no matter the size of the project.

Basecare guarantee

Made using the latest in liquid technology to withstand the tests of time, Fibrecoat comes with a 25-year Basecare guarantee as standard.


Customers can schedule a free session with a Fibrecoat specialist and cover the topics they want, from going over basic application instructions to pro tips and more.