Reducing chemicals

One less thing to worry about

Fewer chemicals mean less impact on the environment. By removing the need for additional topcoats and activators we avoid using any unnecessary chemicals while being able to fit more products per shipping pallet further reducing our carbon footprint.

Single component system

Fibrecoat is a single-component system and doesn't require an additional finishing topcoat, reducing energy usage and packaging while making the product easier to apply.

No activator

Unlike some liquid roofing systems, Fibrecoat doesn't use any activators to cure which reduces the number of chemicals needed and makes the application a lot safer and easier.

Cleaner cleaning

Because the product is less chemical intensive, Fibrecoat tools can be cleaned using bio-based cleaning solutions, unlike traditional liquid roofing systems which need a chemical solvent.

Low VOC's and odour

Lets clear the air

Unlike traditional fibreglass roofing systems, Fibrecoat emits very low amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs can be natural or man-made and are found in the air. Low-VOC is a general term that refers to a wide range of VOC contents that are much lower than conventional products that contain VOCs. Low-VOC or zero-VOC paints typically contain VOC content of fewer than 5 grams per litre.

Styrene free

Styrene is a synthetic chemical used in the production of polyester resins which are used in traditional GRP roofing systems. Styrene has a strong, pungent smell that is noticeable at low concentrations and can even linger weeks after a GRP roofing project if the building is not properly ventilated.

The Fibrecoat system is completely styrene free providing a safer and healthier alternative to traditional fibreglass roofing systems. By eliminating styrene, we are not only reducing the potential health risks associated with exposure but providing a number of other environmental benefits.

Low odour

Low-odour resin systems offer numerous benefits, including improved air quality, increased comfort for workers, enhanced workability in enclosed spaces and increased customer satisfaction.

Fibrecoat uses fewer chemicals and has a very low overall odour, making the system safer and more pleasant to work with, while its versatility in application makes Fibrecoat ideal for use in a variety of settings.

Green roofing

Give your roof a new lease of life

Fibrecoat makes the perfect foundation for our green roofing system, creating a natural environment to encourage bees and butterflies whilst also filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air.

Multi-surface system

Perfect solution for whenyour cover's blown

Overlaying Fibrecoat onto an existing roof surface is a more environmentally friendly option that reduces waste, conserves energy, and minimises disruption to the surrounding environment.

Minimal disruption

Overlaying Fibrecoat onto an existing roof surface is less labour-intensive making the process quicker and easier whilst causing less disruption to the surrounding environment.

Reduces waste

Traditional roofing methods often require the tear-off and disposal of the existing roof, which can generate a significant amount of waste that contributes to landfills. Overlaying the Fibrecoat system onto an existing roof eliminates the need for tear-off, reducing waste and its environmental impact.

Extending lifespan

The Fibrecoat system is guaranteed to last a minimum of 25 years extending the life of the existing roof, and further reducing the frequency of roof replacements and the associated waste and energy costs.