Fibretrims are manufactured from pultruded glass fibre plastics in the UK to ISO9001 standards. The enhanced composition ensures that the trims are extremely durable, maintenance free and resilient to adverse weather conditions.

There are over 20 different pre-formed Fibretrims designed to accommodate the most common roof details. The profiles come in 3-metre lengths and are supplied in a pre-coloured finish for easy overpainting with the Fibrecoat resin system, the profiles can be easily cut on-site to follow the alignment of the roof's edge.

A range of pre-formed corners have been designed to compliment the Fibretrim profiles that eliminates the need for on-site mitre cutting or additional lamination, These corners ensure a neat, accurate and watertight detail at any change in roof direction.


The AT195 external angle trim is used when the fibreglass roofing laminate needs to cover a surface which needs to continue perpendicular to the current level.

The trim is supplied with a high-adhesion finish on its outer fascia. The trim should be nailed at both edges if possible. Always bandage over the joint between where the nails penetrate the trim and the decking before applying the laminate.




Trim guide

How to apply Fibretrims to a flat roof

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